In 2018, we started our collaboration with Meetic Group not only to bring creativity to their acquisition & performance marketing campaigns, but also to offer a fresh look on how those campaigns are produced.

More spontaneous, more premium, and more relatable.
And with a better representation of who their customers are around the world.

Acquisition campaigns aim at driving qualified and engaged users to application or online platforms.
But, for most of the competitors in this sector, including the Meetic Group, these campaigns often lack engagement, creativity, and premiumness.

Creativity-wise, we chose to develop original content around the idea of encouraging people to take a more realistic look at love.
No more flawless representations of love, but real people, without makeup, filters or visual tricks.
Produced for social media platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat, the campaigns were entirely shot with an iPhone, in selfie mode, portraying singles and couples in natural backgrounds.

Production-wise, we ditched the scripts and pre-written scenarios, and went for improvisation. Capturing candid shots conveying a sennse of reality, with authentic people.


Each shoot creates more than 500 assets per month for 15 markets, for one year. This doubles the number of posts compared to the previous campaign.
From the first shooting, the cost per registration decreased by 15%