LUMA Arles is a creative campus dedicated to supporting contemporary artistic creation, offering artists new perspectives for creation, collaboration, and presentation of their work to the public. It is a place that breathes creativity and hosts multiple events throughout the year. Our mission? To give LUMA Arles an online voice.

To feed a platform of content (LUMA LIVE) providing LUMA’s audience a deep exploration of artists’ work and to direct traffic and engagement from LUMA’s social media to this video platform.

We created in-depth video interviews of artists whose work is exhibited at LUMA, exploring their practice, convictions and relationship to Arles and LUMA.
These interviews do not only provide content for LUMA’s video platform, they also build an archive, keeping a trace of all projects happening at the foundation and drawing a long lasting landscape of diverse perspectives, themes and practices.

We also produced social-media snackable contents, announcing the dense program of the foundation - from exhibition, to live shows, expert conferences, workshops and more - and redirecting our community towards in depth content on LUMA LIVE.