InTent is an organisation founded by Roche’s co-chairman André Hoffmann and his wife Rosalie. Fuelled by the belief that business is a force for good, InTent works as a catalyst of solutions for business, people and planet, by building bridges and connecting people.

Our challenge is to turn countless events, lectures, partners and networks into a wide database of knowledge, information and ideas, available to all. With this database, we want to inspire business leaders of all fields and business students to inject these ideas and information into their work and become true actors of business as a force for good.

. We launched the InTent website functioning as a centralized library of video and articles created during events, roundtables, educational programs and partners meetings.
. We created “Mission to change”: a podcast produced in partnership with The Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society. Each episode invites an actor of business as a force for good to tell their story and how they use business as a catalyst of change.
. We’ve attended influential international congress (The World Economic Forum in Davos, IUCN World Conservation Congress in Marseille) where we’ve captured round tables, lectures and conversations where ideas for a fair and sustainable future are born and shared.
. We’ve created and produced the documentary series “Tomorrow, the Rhône river” (Demain, le Rhône) raising awareness on the fragility of one of the most powerful European river and proposing solutions to learn to live better with its complex ecosystems.