GALBANI – Italy as if you were there

Galbani the Italian cheese brand, has been bringing authentic crafted cheeses to French’s tables for over 130 years.

And for Galbani, their cheese is not just any cheese.

Their cheese is deeply rooted in Italian traditions. It’s about authenticity and memories.
About this uniquely Italian tradition of cooking and sharing a meal with the ones you love.

But for most of the French audience, Italy and its cuisine merely consists of the Coliseum, Pisa Tower, pizza and tiramisu.

So, Galbani decided to share with the French audience what Italian authenticity really is about. Taking them along on a very special journey: a road trip in the footsteps of the brand’s roots: Italian cuisine. Tasty, surprising and inspiring.

Taste Italy as if you were there.

A video documentary series exploring Italia’s flavorful gastronomy, traditions and hidden gems, with a very special tour guide: French stand-up comedian Seb Mellia.

In a trip that took him to Fiesole, Florence, Pisa and Colonnata, he encountered Italy’s most inspiring chefs, locals and producers, from the everyday mama to the neighborhood pizza makers. Each delivering their best-ever recipes… and very secret tips.

More than 5,7 millions views on Youtube
And 600 000 visits on Galbani’s website during the campaign.