For the first time in modern history, a World Expo dedicated a pavilion solely to women. With this pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai, in collaboration with Cartier, affirmed a shared commitment to closing the gender gap, driven by the common conviction that “When women thrive, humanity thrives” and the mission of breaking stereotypes and deconstructing misconceptions on women’s roles.

With the travelling restrictions of 2021, the pavilion - initially created to welcome visitors physically - had to reach its international audience digitally. Our task was to bring to life online the powerful programming of the pavilion, and to extend its reach beyond the borders of the UAE, initiating a ripple-effect of awareness on the topic.

We have developed a campaign structured in three phases: a phase of reveal, unveiling the pavilion to the world and establishing what it stands for; a phase of sustain, deepening conversations on gender equality across many fields and cultures; and a phase of wrap-up, crowning the 6 months of conversations and their ripple-effect of awareness with a long-lasting legacy.

The campaign was structured around a newsroom-like editorial calendar, echoing the themes of the pavilion’s programming. It contained a wide variety of content, touching a large audience scope - from expert to mainstream - such as:
- Video testimonials of guests speakers, experts, influencers and children from all around the world, shining a wide range of perspectives and stories on the topic of gender equality.
- Sensorial videos immersing our online community inside the pavilion and its events.
- A podcast hosted by Farida Khelfa deepening the conversation with our international audience.
- Portraits, quotes and stories of change-makers - known and unknown - fuelling our community with can-do perspectives and inspiring stories of social progress.