AUCHAN – Content factory

Auchan, the French international retail group is implemented in a dozen countries worldwide.

If the brand is strong on its retail locations, it suffers from a fragmented presence on social media.

And so does its tone of voice and overall content quality.

Auchan International Retail asked us to redefine the brand’s presence on social media.


A new social media strategic platform based on the brand’s vision: Good, Healthy and local.

Visual guidelines

A monthly international content calendar of 50 crafted contents.

And a plan to bring a dozen countries from every corner of the world.


In December 2018, our partnership with Auchan International retail began. And so did our work to implement the social content factory.

Delivering 50 contents monthly, produced and crafted by our team of experts: video recipes, engaging formats, own-brand contents, visuals

And working on an ongoing education of the local markets:

Teaching them to adapt international contents to their local community.
Use a new graphic charter for the contents they create locally.
And push the limits of their work.

An optimised across the board premiumness.
And increased engagement rate.
And more and more markets using our contents and visual guidelines.

For a more branded, qualitative and engaging presence of Auchan on social media.
And this is just the beginning.